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Involution is the transformation of our internal world in order to achieve our best selves. Is the process through which the heart, mind, and soul evolve to achieve a higher level of consciousness. It's achieved by unrolling and unfolding from the inside out. Developing to the maximum all our internal possibilities liberates us from suffering through internal growth.

The knitwear collection evokes a journey from a down-to-earth mind that evolves into a spiritual state. It's a journey of grief and healing.


The patterns and shapes created in this collection are inspired by my late mother's artwork. As in her paintings, the shapes are very organic with negative spaces that allow us to see the layers underneath. Her intricated pieces are translated into prints and stitches that flow around the garments.

Involution garments are meant to be timeless statements pieces that will be with you for many cold seasons.


Fall/Winter collection

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