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I am a dedicated Fashion Designer, holding a BFA in Knitwear Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, complemented by a Master's degree in Digital Design.

Originating from Buenos Aires, Argentina, my passion for the world of art and design, motivated me to undertake my studies at FIT in New York, and subsequently, to embark on a journey in Barcelona to immerse myself in the digital frontier.

Over the past years, I have consistently gravitated towards opportunities that resonate with my core values of sustainability and ethical design practices. Some of these include Gabriela Hearst, The Vintage Twin, and Hecho por Nosotros. Currently, I hold the position of Head of 3D Design at the forward-thinking startup, Onversed. In this capacity, I spearhead the creation of innovative digital solutions tailored for fashion brands, contributing to the evolution of the industry.

I am eager to remain committed to channeling my expertise within dynamic and fast-paced environments where the fusion of design, sustainability, and technology converge to make a positive impact on how fashion is done.

Nicole Odessky

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